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Total views on papercrafts: 1082587
Total papercrafts downloaded: 493079
Papercrafts uploaded: 2453

Total glances (thumbnail seen in gallery or index)

on papercrafts: 11048502

Total views on spotlight articles: 108493
Spotlight articles uploaded: 14

Top ten Downloaded papercrafts:

10435 Downloads Stormtrooper helmet
9092 Downloads Kylo Ren Helmet v2
5460 Downloads Kylo Ren Helmet
4906 Downloads Phasma Helmet
4826 Downloads Shore Trooper Armor
2811 Downloads Pilot Helmet
2562 Downloads Tie Pilot Helmet
2526 Downloads Snowtrooper armor
2411 Downloads Heavy Stormtrooper
2213 Downloads Flametrooper Helmet

Top ten viewed papercrafts:

12333 Views Stormtrooper helmet
10369 Views Kylo Ren Helmet v2
8959 Views Shore Trooper Armor
5868 Views Kylo Ren Helmet
5601 Views Phasma Helmet
3347 Views Pilot Helmet
3147 Views Tie Pilot Helmet
3038 Views Snowtrooper armor
2942 Views Heavy Stormtrooper
2894 Views Deer Head

Top ten most glanced:

65566 Glances Portal Diorama
64428 Glances Weighted Companion Cube
64225 Glances Turret
64081 Glances Portal Cake
64069 Glances Security Camera
64012 Glances Glados
45272 Glances Stormtrooper helmet
45104 Glances Shore Trooper Armor
44653 Glances Kylo Ren Helmet v2
44385 Glances Kylo Ren Helmet


Amount of administrators: 1

Amount of editors: 0

Amount of authors: 278