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Our ongoing story

We are thriving to be the number one website for papercraft files. You are able to submit your own content.
let's papercraft the world!

Our journey started back in 2007, with the release of the program pepakura designer 2. Suddenly designers came out of nowhere. Designing papercrafts never had a better workflow before. The site owner started modeling papercraft armor and hopped from one site to another. Because eventually most sites died out.

Here is where Papercraft Plaza comes in. With an easy to use search engine you can find all your papercrafting needs.

Unlike most papercraft websites, we host our own database. Content will be always available. And won't fade in time. Because we all know how frustrating it can be to find that specific papercraft that was made years ago.

Who are we

We are a Belgium based group of papercraft enthousiasts. Who are trying to be the leading papercraft website.

Current Admins:

- rundown

Current editors:

- Thyrrus
- tester

658 authors registred


31 August 2019 - Merge with the papercraft universe facebook community
27 December 2017 - 3d model viewer added
03 June 2017 - Papercraftplava V3 responsive design update
12 October 2016 - 2000 files milestone
21 September 2016 - Papercraftplava V2 website update
29 December 2015 - First 1000 files
21 October 2015 - Website is live
11 October 2014 - Papercraftplaza.com domain registered

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